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Hey, it's me writing my bio in only one take because I want you to get to know me in the most authentic way possible. No fluff. You may know me from Twitter or stumbled onto one of my Linkedin posts. I started hacking together nerdy projects in my bedroom in Kansas City when I was 15 (I proudly say I'm from Cincinnati, by the way), and expected coding to be just a fun hobby. Contrary to my expectations, right before I turned 17, I graduated high school early (thank you, brain 🙌) and moved out of my parents' house to chase my dreams. Now, at 21 years old, I've worked with a couple dozen brands and am currently working on three new projects.

5 years as an


I've spent the past five years building and working on tech-enabled products.

It's funny how life works out like that for a pre-17-year-old; I'm extremely grateful for every door that's been opened for me. When I first started out working with brands and trying to build my own, I was an ambitious teenager who had no clue about anything. I didn't know how to grow my skills outside of digital design and ESPECIALLY didn't know how to use my talent to its full potential. It's more likely that I was just too scared to work on either of those things. Both required me to put myself out there, and that's hard in any situation. Regardless, I am proud to say that with every new milestone, I get better at solving problems, building my talent, and being more confident. Who knows what will happen next?